The Myth of the Millennial Generation

Every few months an article comes out suggesting that the current generation of twentysomething Americans lack a competitive edge, feel entitled and are narcissistic. It is widely agreed that they are an unlucky generation in terms of their current economic situation and prospects. But what if in spite of this public perception and bad luck, or perhaps even because of it, the Millennials were actually the most generous, educated and civic minded generation since the Greatest Generation? In the infographic below, we explore data that defies many of the preconceived negative beliefs about Gen Y.

What is Your State Government Known For?

Stories of state governments' activities don't ascend to the national stage that often, but when they do they tend to be pretty interesting. We researched 50 fascinating facts from state governments across the country. Can you guess which state allows the legally blind to receive permits for gun purchases? Or what state bans lobbyists from giving politicians college football tickets? You'll have to keep reading to find out.

Government Employee Discounts

Government jobs offer many advantages, including stability, paths for advancement, and retirement benefits. Another lesser-known reward of the job comes in the form of discounts provided by private companies in appreciation for the work performed by government employees and members of the military. Browse the list below for information about a variety of government employee discounts.


31 Public Service Career Sites You Should Be Following

If you work in public service or are seeking a career in this rewarding field, check out the links below for new job opportunities and useful resources to help accelerate your career.

New York City Government Profile

New York City is one of the most powerful cities in the world. Because of its sheer size and importance, it seems natural that the city would employ one of the largest governments in the United States. As the city with the biggest population in the United States at over eight million individuals, New York City requires an extensive city government.

Public Sector Benefits vs. Private Benefits

One of the most important questions individuals have when pursuing a new career is the benefits it will provide. Students who are trying to decide between completing an MPA and an MBA are particularly interested in the difference between public sector benefits and private sector benefits. The differences between these compensation packages, which have been greatly debated in recent years, can help a student decide which path to pursue.