New York City Government Profile

New York City is one of the most powerful cities in the world. Because of its sheer size and importance, it seems natural that the city would employ one of the largest governments in the United States. As the city with the biggest population in the United States at over eight million individuals, New York City requires an extensive city government.

New York City Government Jobs The New York City government employs more than 300,000 employees who work in close to 70 departments throughout the city. Many of the city’s employees hold full-time, year-round positions, though others work in seasonal government jobs. You can find a full listing of government agencies on the New York City website. Some of the agencies include:

  • Department of Education
  • Children’s Services
  • Board of Correction
  • Department of Sanitation
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Homeless Services
  • Information Technology
  • City Libraries
  • Emergency Management

Elected Positions in the New York City Government Some New York City government jobs require individuals to be elected into office. New York City has approximately 64 elected officials that work within the city’s government. Fifty-one of these officials work in the city council and represent residents in each area of the city. In addition to the city council members, other elected positions include:

  • The mayor
  • Comptroller
  • Public advocate
  • Borough presidents
  • Borough district attorneys

Employment Support for New York City Government Jobs Having the right education and training is essential to obtaining employment in the New York City government. New York City offers assistance to those who wish to gain employment. The Citywide Training Center offers courses for people who need to improve their skills or acquire new ones to enhance their work. These professional development courses cover the areas of IT, managerial, professional, and clerical jobs. Many of the courses are available through an e-learning program, which allows you to complete the required coursework at your own pace.

New York City Employee Benefits The New York City government offers competitive benefits in addition to a generous salary for each job. These benefits include health insurance, flexible spending accounts, access to a municipal credit union, deferred payment plans, retirement benefits, and more. Some individuals may qualify for pensions, such as those who work in the police force or fire department.

New York City Government Financials New York City created the Checkbook NYC website as a way to provide citizens with the transparency they desire. The website details the budget, revenue, spending, contracts, and payroll of the New York City government. According to the site, spending within the New York City government is approximately $16 billion. About $5.4 billion of that money is spent on payroll payments for its 300,000 employees. Contract spending is the next largest portion at $4.8 billion. The department that spends the largest portion of the budget overall is the Department of Education, which accounts for $3.85 billion. Other top spending areas include the Department of Social Services, pension contributions, miscellaneous expenses, and the police department. The top payroll spenders in the New York City government include:

  • The Department of Education
  • Police Department
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fire Department
  • Department of Correction

Highlights, Accomplishments, and Notable Failures Within the New York City Government New York City offers its citizens a unique service that allows residents to gather information and request government services. Once citizens request services on the NYC 311 website, they can track those requests through the website and learn when they can expect action. This tool has made dealing with issues in New York City easier for residents. The Supportive Housing Network of NY has made great strides in tallying and launching campaigns to help those who are homeless in the city. In addition to providing resources for the general homeless population, this group focuses on helping at-risk youth take steps to ensure their success in the future. One of the biggest concerns that has impacted New York City in recent times is the allegations that the government is set up to cater to two special interest areas: real estate and public sector employees. While this may not be considered a failure by some, it is something the government is striving to correct in order to create a level playing field to better serve its citizens.

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