Education NGO Jobs

Education NGOs improve global access to education by developing new educational programs, improving current schools and finding innovative methods for teaching outside the classroom. While many human rights and humanitarian relief NGOs incorporate education into their work, non-governmental organizations who focus on education have proved successful in exploring new methods and techniques for educating children in impoverished communities around the world.

NGOs specializing in education vary widely by both size and methods. Aflatoun has developed an integrated curriculum that covers both traditional subjects as well as social and financial skills that is now distributed in over 80 different countries. Meanwhile, PlanetRead has used the relatively simple concept of same-language subtitling to improve literacy in India. By adding subtitles to popular films and television shows in the same language as the audio, PlanetRead has proven that simple, outside-the-classroom solutions can have a significant impact. Organizations such as Room to Read focus on the structural challenges that many communities face for education by building schools and libraries in impoverished communities.


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Non-governmental organizations that work exclusively on addressing shortcomings in education offer an intriguing career path for educators looking for something different. Many education NGO’s such as Teach for America offer individuals the opportunity to teach in areas where they might not normally do so. As lack of education remains a serious issue in countries around the world, there is no shortage of opportunities for people looking to volunteer or obtain a job at an education NGO.

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