Medical NGO Jobs

Medical NGOs include some of the world’s largest and most reputable non-governmental organizations. Since serious health issues such as disease and malnutrition persist whether or not armed conflict or natural disasters strike, medical NGOs generally find themselves working at full capacity every single day. Due to the global nature of serious medical threats, NGOs specializing in medical services work in almost every region of the world. The largest medical NGOs are able to constantly provide services all across the globe.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative works internationally to improve access to healthcare by focusing on structural and managerial issues. Merlin and Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) also work on a global-scale, though their efforts are mostly directed towards victims of humanitarian disasters. Some medical NGO’s focus on a single set of healthcare issues. Marie Stopes International delivers services related to sexual and reproductive health to men and women in over 40 different countries while PATH helps care for women and young children in nearly twice as many nations. Aravind Eye Care System provides comprehensive visual care impoverished communities in India, including thousands of surgeries each year. Other medical NGOs have developed innovative methods for providing healthcare to large numbers of people.


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Medic Mobile uses mobile technology to bring medical knowledge to impoverished communities. Similarly, the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative has also used technology to improve global health care by monitoring a network of detection sites in order to anticipate outbreaks of disease before they even occur. OneWorld Health has become the world’s only non-profit pharmaceutical company. Medical NGOs offer individuals the opportunity to make a difference in the world through hands-on work. Furthermore, medical NGOs need volunteers and employees in a variety of different roles, making it easy for individuals from different backgrounds to join in the action.

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