Transportation and Government Jobs

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) oversees road, air, rail and maritime transportation and trade and ensures that the nation’s current and future transportation needs are met. The DOT offers challenging MPA careers related to the development, regulation and maintenance of national transportation systems as well as support for international transportation and trade.

Transportation and Government Careers

Job Title: Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety Research

Estimated Salary: $103,000 to $162,700 per year

The associate administrator for vehicle safety research oversees research for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This research is used to support programs and initiatives that reduce injuries, deaths and property damage from vehicle crashes. The research also supports formulation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The associate administrator is expected to advance the state of knowledge on highway and motor vehicle safety, provide policy guidance to the Office of Vehicle Safety Research and represent the NHTSA and DOT as an authority on vehicle safety research. The position also involves management of a staff of technical and support personnel and regular evaluation of staff performance.


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Job Title: Director, Office of International Transportation and Trade

Estimated Salary: $119,554 to $172,500 per year

The director of the Office of International Transportation and Trade serves an advisor to the assistant secretary for aviation and international affairs. The position involves program management and policy recommendations related to international transportation system efficiency, safety and sustainability. The director promotes innovation that support U.S. foreign policy initiatives and represents the assistant secretary at international government conferences and high-level industry meetings. The director is additionally responsible for directing international diplomatic and protocol activities for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. Management of a group of international transportation experts is another responsibility of this position.

Job Title: Associate Administrator for Environment and Compliance

Estimated Salary: $85,000 to $130,000 per year

The associate administrator for environment and compliance assists the maritime administrator with activities related to environmental challenges in the maritime industry. Responsibilities include making recommendations related to environmental safety, regulations and standards. The position also involves compliance activities in support of maritime administration programs. The associate administrator manages and coordinates activities of the Office of Safety, the Office of Environment and the Office of Security as well as oversees research and development plans for these offices. The associate administrator also ensures effective communication with industry and builds support for the Maritime Administration’s objectives and goals.