Marist MPA Program

The Marist MPA program is available through several avenues, including the Poughkeepsie campus, the Fishkill Executive Center, Albany, New York City, Oneida, and an online curriculum, offering students a variety of options to complete this program. This advanced degree program is designed for students who have little to no experience in the public sector and wish to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to serve in management positions for both public sector and nonprofit work. In addition to management positions, many graduating students seek work in health care, human services, and criminal justice. Those students who enter the Marist MPA program can expect to complete their degree over the course of three years. This timeframe depends on the amount of courses taken each semester. Many students complete five to six courses per year, including over the summer semester. With the flexible course options and full-time status, students may complete the program in as little as two years.


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The program can be completed in as few as 24 months. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply.


Marist MPA Curriculum

All students who enroll in the Marist MPA program must complete a total of 39 credit hours. Those who do not have at least two years of practical experience must complete an additional 3-credit internship as well. The required 39 credit hours consist of 10 core courses to provide a solid foundation for students and three elective courses that equal 9 credits. The core courses students must complete offered courses in topics, such as politics, budgeting, administrative law, technology management, human resource management, statistics, and program planning. During the final semester, students must also complete a capstone course that is a culmination of everything they have learned in practical experience. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for entrance into this capstone course. After the core courses have been completed, students must choose three electives to complete the program. Some students choose courses that fit with their career goals, while others select one of three focuses available through the Marist program.

Marist MPA Specialties

Students who are completing the MPA program can choose any approved electives they wish to complete their degree without declaring a focus area. Many students, however, do choose a focus area that best matches their career goals. Marist offers several focus areas:

  • Public Management – Develop the skills needed to serve in management positions in the public sector and become an effective leader.
  • Ethical Leadership – Learn the basics of ethics and how to apply those basics to a position of leadership in any sector.
  • Health Care Administration – Apply public policy and administration skills in the area of health care administration to offer quality medical care to all patients.

Marist MPA Online Courses

Marist is the first MPA program in New York to obtain approval to offer the entire program through an online delivery method. Through the use of technology, students who would otherwise have difficulty completing their MPA due to family obligations, travel needs, and military service can fulfill all the requirements from any location. Classes are conducted via e-mail, chat room discussions, online forums, and virtual conferences, allowing students to interact with each other and their professors. In many cases, students log on when it is convenient to complete the necessary coursework. The program is conducted completely online with no time restrictions on log-ins.

Marist MPA Tuition

The MPA program at Marist requires all students to pay tuition per credit hour (the entire program is about 39 credits). Students who will be attending full time must consider additional costs, including living expenses, as well as books and supplies, in the cost of attendance. This cost varies widely depending on the individual circumstances of each student. Students applying for the MPA program at Marist may be eligible for various types of financial aid that may cover part or the entire program. Several types of scholarships are available, including Marist scholarships, endowed scholarships and other specialty scholarships. Most of these scholarships are merit-based. In addition to scholarships, students may apply for federal or private student loans, as well as grants.

Marist MPA Admissions

The process of applying for the MPA program at Marist is the same, regardless of where candidates plan to attend classes or if they will attend online. To begin the application process, candidates must fill out the online application on the Marist website. In addition to submitting the application, candidates must also submit supporting documentation for consideration. This documentation includes GRE scores, official transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate work including any degrees, a current resume that details relevant experience, a personal essay discussing career and academic objectives, and an application fee.