Ohio University MPA Program

At Ohio University, the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs offers the Master of Public Administration to assist students in preparations for a role in government or nonprofit sector jobs. In addition to providing students with the knowledge required to function in these jobs, this program also offers practical experience to enhance the education offered by the experienced staff. This two-year program provides students with two ways to earn this valuable degree to assist them in creating and improving public policy. Students may choose from the traditional MPA program that takes place on the Ohio University campus or the Executive MPA program. This program is designed for students who must work while they are completing the coursework. Classes are held on weekends, as well as through online course offerings designed to help students complete the program in two years, just as quickly as the traditional MPA program.


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The program can be completed in as few as 24 months. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply.


Voinovich MPA Curriculum

Because no prior work experience is required for admission to the Voinovich MPA program, the extensive program focuses on providing students with a solid understanding of public policy and the creation process. In addition to offering information on public policy, the program teaches students about public administration and the technology involved in the process. Combined with practical experience and activities in problem solving, students will become effective leaders in the area of public service. The core curriculum consists of a total of 23 credits in required courses and 13 credits of electives. Students are required to complete six core courses for a total of 15 credits in the areas of public administration, research, quantitative or qualitative methods, organization, and budgeting. Five credits consist of courses designed to provide necessary knowledge to function in a professional environment and apply what they have learned, including a 2-credit writing seminar. Students must also choose 13 elective credits to customize the degree to best meet their career goals, as well as a capstone project to culminate everything students have learned, both in knowledge and practical experience. A GPA of at least 3.0 is required for graduation.

Voinovich MPA Online Classes

The Executive MPA program provides working students with the opportunity to complete their MPA degree on a more flexible schedule. In addition to attending courses in the Ohio University classroom on the weekends, students may take some of the courses online to offer even greater flexibility. In this program, students must take 36 credit hours over two years and 10 seminars, as well as four public management skills workshops and the graduate writing seminar. The 10 required seminars are held two per semester at four specific times over weekends to offer students the flexibility they require.

Voinovich MPA Tuition

Students who attend Voinovich in the MPA program must pay rates for the first and second year as calculated on the official website. Out-of-state students are also responsible for a non-residential surcharge. In addition to tuition costs, most students will also incur 10 months of living expenses, other fees, and university health insurance. Those students who wish to remain over the summer or would like to add dependents to their health insurance must contact the school for information on additional charges. Students who attend Voinovich may qualify for scholarships or assistantships that may pay for all or part of the tuition and other expenses. Those students who require additional assistance should apply for federal or private student loans to finance the degree program.

Voinovich MPA Admissions

Candidates who wish to be considered for admittance to the Voinovich MPA program are encouraged to complete the online application process through the school website. The school does accept paper applications; however, due to the processing time required, it can delay the process and result in denial of admission. In addition to filling out the application online, candidates must complete and submit supporting documents to aid in the admission process. Candidates applying to this program must supply an official transcript from each undergraduate program attended, including proof of an earned degree; GRE or GMAT test scores; three professional letters of recommendation; the results of an English proficiency test for candidates who earned a degree at a non-English school; and a non-refundable application fee. Candidates who choose to use the online letters of recommendation system can supply the e-mail addresses for the chosen professionals, and the school will contact them for the letter. MPA students must also submit a personal statement detailing educational and career goals.