Syracuse MPA: The Maxwell School 

The Maxwell School of Syracuse University has been ranked as the best graduate school for public affairs by U.S. News & World Report. Located in Syracuse, New York, the Maxwell School is the oldest school of public affairs in the United States. In 1924, the school was the first U.S. institution to offer a graduate degree in public administration. The school's MPA program has been consistently ranked as the best in the nation by U.S. News since 1995.

Maxwell School MPA Curriculum

The Maxwell School offers a 40-credit professional MPA degree that prepares students to become leaders in the public sector. Most students devote 12 months of full-time study, typically from July to the following June, to completing the degree. Once admitted to the program, students have the option of completing it on a part-time basis. These students may add an additional semester or year to their time in residency at the Maxwell School. The school also offers a 30-credit MPA program for mid-career professionals with significant experience in public administration. Housed within a school of social sciences, the MPA program features a legacy of interdisciplinary research in public management and public policy analysis. The MPA program consists of a mixture of core courses and specialized study areas. The core courses have been designed to provide knowledge and skills along three lines: policy analysis, program management and public sector context. The core courses provide Maxwell School MPA graduates for a variety of public sector leadership positions in both domestic and international arenas.

Maxwell School MPA Specializations

The following areas of specialization allow MPA students to focus on a particular area of interest:
  • Public and Nonprofit Management
  • State and Local Government Financial Analysis and Management
  • Environmental Policy and Administration
  • Technology and Information Management
  • Social Policy
  • International and Development Administration
  • International and National Security Policy
As would be expected from the top-ranked graduate school in public administration, many of these specializations are among the top in the nation. The Maxwell School MPA Public and Nonprofit Management specialization is ranked first by U.S. News, and the Information and Technology specialization is ranked second. It is not the intention of the Maxwell School that these specialization areas limit a student's focus while earning an MPA. Students may complete the foundation courses in one area, then add electives from another.

Maxwell School MPA Tuition

Tuition for the Maxwell School MPA program is based on credit hours. The current tuition rate and additional fees for student activities and healthcare can be found on the official website.

Maxwell School MPA Admissions

The Maxwell School strives to maintain a diverse student body and encourages prospective students from around the world to apply. Most students who enter the program have at least two years work experience related to their career goals or have participated in relevant volunteer experiences and internships. Complete information about applying for the Maxwell School MPA program is available on the Syracuse University Graduate School website. All students must apply online through the Embark website for admission to any of SU's graduate schools.