The George Washington University Trachtenberg School MPA Program

The George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration instituted its MPA program in 1963 to meet the growing need for professional education in public administration in the nation’s capital. Originally known as the George Washington School of Public Policy, the school was renamed in 2007 in honor of the achievements of President-Emeritus Stephen Joel Trachtenberg.

The Trachtenberg School is listed as 12th in the nation in public affairs by U.S. News & World Report. As one of only two schools in the nation to offer both MPA and MPP degrees, the goal of the Trachtenberg School is to integrate theory and practice in service, scholarship and teaching in the fields of public administration and public policy.

Located in the Foggy Bottom area of downtown Washington, D.C., the Trachtenberg School is in close proximity to the Capitol Building, the White House, the World Bank and most federal agencies and departments. A wide range of research and non-profit organizations are also located nearby. Both full-time and part-time students are welcome to apply for the Trachtenberg School MPA program.

Most classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate working professionals and students with full-time internships. Students may switch between full-time and part-time status while enrolled in the program. The Trachtenberg School offers dual-degree programs in association with other degree programs at George Washington University. This includes a combined JD/MPA as well as combined MA/MPA programs for students majoring in criminal justice, economics, political science or human services.


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Trachtenberg School MPA Curriculum

The Trachtenberg School MPA program consists of 14 courses that represent 40 credit hours. Core courses account for 22 credits; courses in a field of specialization account for up to 12 credits; and the remaining credits are satisfied by electives.

Trachtenberg School MPA Specializations

Students must select a field of study from among these eight areas of specialization and complete at least three courses:

  • Federal Policy, Politics and Management
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Manage State and Local Governments
  • Budget and Public Finance
  • Public-Private Policy and Management
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • International Development Management
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Students are also free to design their own individualized field of study with approval from a faculty advisor.

Trachtenberg School MPA Tuition

Trachtenberg School MPA program tuition is currently calculated per credit hour, with a total of 40 credits required for the MPA degree. The school estimates that and living expenses, mandatory fees, books and supplies on the official website.

Trachtenberg School MPA Admissions

Trachtenberg School MPA admissions are administered by the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Applications may be submitted online or by mail. It should be noted that the school does not accept spring admissions. Details about the application process are available on the Trachtenberg School Admissions web page.