University of Utah MPA Program

The University of Utah MPA program has a solid reputation, both on the local and national levels, providing students with the level of education they need to become successful leaders in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors. This advanced MPA degree program consists of a combination of required core courses that provide a solid foundation in public service and electives that allow each student to meet their individual career goals. The government was created on a premise of working toward the benefit of the general public. This is why the MPA program at the University of Utah molds students into effective leaders who can create the policies the public needs. While this program maintains the same foundation with which it was created in 1976, it has adapted to accommodate the changing technology and needs of the country to best prepare students for their future in the public sector and beyond.


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The program can be completed in as few as 24 months. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply.


University of Utah MPA Curriculum

The University of Utah MPA curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in leadership skills and public policy knowledge. This MPA program consists of nine required courses that cover topic areas, such as administrative theory, nonprofit organizations, research, the economy, ethics, and budgeting and finance. In addition to the core courses, students can modify their degree to meet their goals by selecting five elective courses. These five elective courses cover 15 credits and provide students with the information and experience they need to work in a variety of public service jobs in the future. Students are also required to complete a major research paper in their chosen area of study under the instruction of an approved faculty member. Students who need more flexibility in their MPA degree program may choose the evening or Executive MPA program. The evening program is the most flexible option and allows students to take as many of their courses as they can competently complete while they work. Classes are available on weeknights between 6 and 9 p.m. Students will complete the program when they successfully pass the nine core courses and five elective courses. The Executive MBA is another option for working professionals. In this program, students will complete the same number of courses in three-course increments. Courses are offered on the weekends. The Executive MPA requires two years for completion.

University of Utah MPA Specialties

Some students who complete the MPA program at the University of Utah choose their own combination of electives to customize their degree to their career goals. Those students who do not wish to complete an open-ended MPA may choose from eight concentration options to guide their degree toward their future career goals. The University of Utah MPA program offers the following concentration options:

  • Criminal Justice – Learn how to apply the principles of public policy to the area of criminal justice.
  • Education – Examine the roles of public administration and policy in education, from early childhood through higher education, to provide a solid education for all children.
  • Health Administration – Apply public policy to the healthcare field in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to improve healthcare.
  • Local Government Administration – Learn how to handle the fiscal and administrative difficulties local communities deal with, as well as proper communication and customer service.
  • Natural Resource Administration – Discover the uses of public administration and policy to assist in protecting natural resources.
  • Nonprofit Organizations – Address the unique needs of public policy in the nonprofit sector.
  • Policy Analysis – Analyze the public policies that exist and use them to create budgets, evaluate programs, and improve on those policies.
  • Public Human Resource Management – Evaluate the human roles in performance and organizational behavior, as well as how to manage departments within organizations.

University of Utah MPA Tuition

Tuition in the University of Utah MPA program varies depending on the number of credits students take each semester and whether they live in Utah or are attending from out of state. Utah residents pay different rates for the first credit hour than for each additional credit each semester (found on the website), with non-residents paying more. Executive MPA students pay a set price for the program, which can be paid in installments. The University of Utah offers MPA students a variety of merit-based scholarships that may fund part of the program or the entire program for some students. In addition to scholarships, students may also qualify for federal or private student loans, as well as work study programs to assist in funding their MPA degree.

University of Utah MPA Admissions

As the University of Utah reviews applications, they seek a group of students who will offer diversity and a varied background for the program. Candidates who are applying for the University of Utah MPA program must complete the application, along with supporting documentation. Required documentation for this program includes all transcripts from undergraduate and graduate programs, three letters of recommendation, GRE or GMAT test scores, TOEFL or IETLS scores for non-English candidates, a letter of intent, a relevant resume, and an application fee.